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Mikhail Branski has written poetry, comedic skits and essays, and other prose sporadically during the last forty years. Much of his poetry he describes as political, social and philosophic commentary or simply “rants.” A self-described critic, he lambastes, especially, American society and political culture. Words such as “caustic and vitriolic” are often used in reference to many of his poems. His writing is also infused with humor and odd twists and tries to keep listeners on their toes. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Mikhail has taught in the ghettos of Los Angeles, and was a political activist and organizer during the 1980s and early ‘90s. He now lives in Mexico teaching Russians online while eking out a living while writing and exploring other realities.

The Fat Lady & the Macaw

‘Squawwkkkkk!’ Terry, the owner, yelled, ‘SHUT-UP!’ Then her seven small dogs began yipping and yapping about her as she laid her 250 pound frame down upon her bed, panting. The macaw shrieked on and on. “Ah, shaddup!!!” Turning to her … Continue reading

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Misha had always wondered about that June day. There was that moment, for example, when he and his fiancee had returned from a trip to Yosemite and ended up at Venice beach watching an exquisite sunset. The brief vacation had … Continue reading

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Cat, the Commie

We were sitting by the pool at the house that my new acquaintance managed in Merida, Mexico. She had invited me over since we had become friends during the past month. She and I had some things in common, some … Continue reading

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Alabama Roy Weekly Update

Alabama Roy continues his expose on the virtues of Donald Trump.

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Alabama Roy Supports Trump for President

An Alabama resident explains why you should vote for Trump to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants.

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Nirvana City Madness

NIRVANA CITY MADNESS by Mikhail Branski copyright Mikhail Branski, all rights reserved Davida predicted some apocalyptic tragedy and then proceeded to discuss his latest plan to save up enough money to purchase land and live in exile, fed up as … Continue reading

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The Zombification of America

THE ZOMBIFICATION OF AMERICA Mikhail Branski Merida, Mexico copyright 2015 Zombification is the cruel consequence of unbridled consumer capitalism which has now become the economic model for the modern age. The American brain has withered before the onslaught of media … Continue reading

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Progressives Plan Festival of Complaints and Questions

Radical progressives are promoting a national Festival of Complaints & Questions (FOCQ) to culminate in a conference to be held at the Washington Monument…where a select group of renowned progressive favorites will announce their top five complaints. The featured Complainers … Continue reading

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Obama Declared Worse Than Stalin

Recent polls have confirmed President Obama’s reputation is so bad that nearly 40% of Americans believe he is worse than Joseph Stalin. When pollsters first asked the question, they found that most Americans had never heard of Stalin but, nonetheless, … Continue reading

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American Kakophony, poems by Mikhail Branski

Amerikan Kakophony © 2014 Mike Mihaljevich Sounds of Profit I can’t escape the noise Seeping from apartments Enveloping me Like a contagion Infecting the quietude I had nursed How can I think poetic thoughts? What would philosophers say Of environs … Continue reading

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