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Mikhail Branski has written poetry, comedic skits and essays, and other prose sporadically during the last forty years. Much of his poetry he describes as political, social and philosophic commentary or simply “rants.” A self-described critic, he lambastes, especially, American society and political culture. Words such as “caustic and vitriolic” are often used in reference to many of his poems. His writing is also infused with humor and odd twists and tries to keep listeners on their toes. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Mikhail has taught in the ghettos of Los Angeles, and was a political activist and organizer during the 1980s and early ‘90s. He now lives in Mexico teaching Russians online while eking out a living while writing and exploring other realities.

Liberals Just Don’t Get It

Liberals just don’t get it. They probably never will. Obama’s health care reforms will bankrupt the country, and worse, mandating coverage for another 30 million citizens is taking away the freedom of those who don’t want the government to interfere … Continue reading

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The Socialists Have Taken Over America!

There are those who have warned that the socialists have taken over America but, unfortunately, that message has not been accepted by the vast majority of Americans. Even more alarming is the degree to which even fellow Republicans have supported … Continue reading

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Obama and the Far-out Left

The Far Left is pissed at Obama. And with good reason, they declare. He has forsaken his campaign promises. They apparently forgot his message: ‘Yes, we can.’ Note the plural pronoun. Like the dreamers and sophomoric thinkers they are, most … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck as Everyman?

It has come to my attention that O’Reilly on Fox News (or Fixed News as Oberman has designated it) has declared Glenn Beck to be  “Everyman,” as if to say each person (or woman for that matter) can relate. Beck’s … Continue reading

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