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The Fat Lady & the Macaw

‘Squawwkkkkk!’ Terry, the owner, yelled, ‘SHUT-UP!’ Then her seven small dogs began yipping and yapping about her as she laid her 250 pound frame down upon her bed, panting. The macaw shrieked on and on. “Ah, shaddup!!!” Turning to her … Continue reading

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I am still Charlie — Je suis toujours Charlie

January 7, 2016 marks the one year anniversary of the attack by Islamist extremists on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. I noticed little or no mention in the so-called alternative American press about that horrible event of one year … Continue reading

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Spanish LA

Pablo Valle es un muy bueno profesor de espanole. Veine aqi para apprendar espanole.

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Street Accordionist Plays Vivaldi

There should to be a way to put money into his hat over the internet! But who is this guy? Years ago I saw a PBS documentary about a professional orchestra. There is a scene where orchestra members happen by … Continue reading

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My zeroeth column.

I choose not to use the word ‘blog’.  I recognize it but choose not to use it in my spoken vocabulary.  It has that much kinship with the term ‘Homeland Security’ but for different reasons. The word ‘Homeland Security’ is … Continue reading

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