Melbourne Polytechnic Enterprise Agreement

Melbourne Polytechnic Enterprise Agreement: Understanding the Latest Developments

The Melbourne Polytechnic Enterprise Agreement is a crucial document that outlines the working conditions and benefits for the staff working at Melbourne Polytechnic. It is negotiated between the employer, employees, and their union representatives to establish the terms of employment in a fair and equitable manner.

Recently, the Melbourne Polytechnic Enterprise Agreement has undergone some changes that will have an impact on the employment conditions of staff. As a professional, it is important to understand these developments to provide accurate and informative content to our readers.

Here are some of the key changes in the recent Melbourne Polytechnic Enterprise Agreement:

1. 2% Salary Increase

One of the most significant changes in the new enterprise agreement is the 2% salary increase for staff. This increase is spread over a 2-year period, with 1% increase taking effect from 1 January 2021 and another 1% increase from 1 January 2022.

This salary increase is in line with the current inflation rate and will help to ensure that staff at Melbourne Polytechnic are fairly remunerated for their work.

2. Professional Development Leave

The new Enterprise Agreement includes provisions for Professional Development Leave, which will allow staff to take up to 5 days of paid leave to undertake professional development activities. This will help staff to improve their skills and knowledge, which will ultimately benefit the students at Melbourne Polytechnic.

3. Flexible Working Arrangements

The Enterprise Agreement also includes provisions for staff to apply for flexible working arrangements, such as part-time work, job sharing, and telecommuting. This will allow staff to balance their work and personal commitments, which will promote better work-life balance.

4. Better Leave Entitlements

The new Enterprise Agreement also includes better leave entitlements for staff. This includes an increase in the number of days of paid parental leave, an increase in the amount of paid leave for family violence, and an increase in paid bereavement leave.

These improvements in leave entitlements will help staff to deal with personal challenges and will ensure that they are not unduly penalized for unforeseen circumstances.

5. Health and Safety

The Enterprise Agreement also includes provisions to ensure the health and safety of staff. This includes the establishment of a Health and Safety Committee, which will help to identify and manage workplace risks, as well as providing training and support for staff.


The Melbourne Polytechnic Enterprise Agreement is an important document that outlines the terms of employment for staff at Melbourne Polytechnic. The recent changes in the Enterprise Agreement, including a 2% salary increase, professional development leave, better leave entitlements, flexible working arrangements, and improved health and safety provisions, will help to ensure that staff are fairly remunerated and supported in their work.

As a professional, it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in employment law and enterprise agreements to provide accurate and informative content for our readers.