Agreement to Charge for an Instrument Crossword Clue

Are you stumped on a crossword clue that reads “agreement to charge for an instrument”? Well, fear not, because we`ve got you covered.

The answer to this clue is “fee schedule”. A fee schedule is an agreement between a provider of services, such as a doctor or lawyer, and a client or patient that outlines the fees for each service provided. The schedule can be used to help both parties understand the costs associated with the services being offered.

When it comes to charging for an instrument, a fee schedule can be especially useful. For example, if a musician is hired to perform at an event, they may use a fee schedule to outline the cost of renting and playing different instruments. This helps the musician ensure they are being compensated fairly for their work.

In the world of business, fee schedules are often used for legal services. Attorneys will use a fee schedule to outline the cost of different legal services, such as drafting contracts or assisting with mergers and acquisitions. This helps the client understand the cost of each service and can help them plan accordingly.

So, the next time you come across the crossword clue “agreement to charge for an instrument”, you`ll know exactly what to fill in: fee schedule. And if you`re ever in need of a fee schedule yourself, remember that it can be a useful tool for outlining costs and ensuring fair compensation.