Odot Edge Contractors

ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation) Edge Contractors: Why They Play a Crucial Role in Road Safety

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is responsible for maintaining and improving the state’s transportation infrastructure, including highways, bridges, and roads. One of the crucial components that help ensure safe and secure roads in Oregon is the ODOT Edge Contractor Program.

What is the ODOT Edge Contractor Program?

The ODOT Edge Contractor Program is a comprehensive road maintenance program that focuses on maintaining the road’s edge, shoulder, and ditch. Contractors who are part of this program are responsible for keeping the edges of the roads clear from debris, vegetation, and other obstructions.

Why is it important?

ODOT Edge Contractors play a critical role in ensuring road safety in Oregon. A clear road edge, shoulder, and ditch enable motorists to move safely and efficiently and prevent accidents caused by debris, overgrown vegetation, and other road hazards. The program ensures that road edges are free from potential obstacles that can cause damage to vehicles and disrupt traffic.

The ODOT Edge Contractor Program aims to prevent debris and vegetation growth from spilling over onto the road surface, which can be hazardous to motorists. In case of unpredictable weather conditions, clearing the road edges reduces the risk of water or ice accumulation on the road surface, which can cause accidents. A well-maintained road edge also helps to protect vulnerable road users like cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists.

What do ODOT Edge Contractors do?

ODOT Edge Contractors are responsible for maintaining more than 10,000 lane-miles of road shoulders, ditches, and edges in Oregon. They clear debris from the roadway, mow and remove vegetation, install and repair guardrails, and fix potholes. They also install and maintain drainage systems to ensure that water runs away from the road surface during heavy rainfall.


In summary, ODOT Edge Contractors play a crucial role in ensuring road safety in Oregon. Their work ensures that the roads stay clear and safe for motorists, cyclists, pedestrians, and other road users. Without their dedication and hard work, our roads would be unsafe and challenging to navigate. The next time you see an ODOT Edge Contractor working on the road, remember to give them a wave and acknowledge their crucial contribution to keeping our roads safe.