Private Road Maintenance Agreement Wisconsin

Private road maintenance agreement Wisconsin: What you need to know

Living in a rural or suburban area with a private road can be a gated luxury, but with that comes the responsibility of maintaining it. Private road maintenance agreements (PRMAs) are contracts between property owners for the shared upkeep of private roads. These agreements are essential to ensure safety and accessibility to various homes or businesses in the area. In Wisconsin, there are specific guidelines that property owners must follow to maintain their private roads.

What is a private road maintenance agreement?

A PRMA is a binding agreement between property owners that outlines the responsibilities for the shared maintenance of a private road. Private roads are not maintained by the government and therefore require the cooperation of property owners to keep them maintained and accessible. PRMAs are critical to ensure the maintenance and accessibility of private roads, especially in rural areas.

What does a PRMA entail?

A typical PRMA outlines the responsibilities of each property owner for the maintenance of the private road. These responsibilities usually include snow removal, grading, drainage, repair, and replacement of the road surface, and any necessary erosion control measures. The agreement also includes an allocation of the costs for these maintenance activities, usually proportional to the length of the road frontage each property owner has.

What are the legal requirements for PRMAs in Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, PRMAs are not required by law, but they are essential to maintain private roads. Without a PRMA, the responsibility for maintenance falls on individual property owners who may not have the resources or expertise to maintain the road properly. A PRMA should be recorded with the county register of deeds and should include provisions for amending the agreement and dispute resolution.

What are the benefits of a PRMA?

Having a PRMA provides numerous benefits to property owners. Some of these benefits include:

1. Shared responsibility: A PRMA ensures that the maintenance of private roads is shared among all property owners, and no one is burdened with an unreasonable share of the cost or work.

2. Safety: Proper maintenance of private roads ensures they are safe and accessible for property owners and visitors.

3. Cost-effective: A PRMA is a cost-effective solution for maintaining private roads as the cost is shared among all property owners.

4. Property value: A well-maintained private road adds value to properties and enhances the overall appeal of the area.


A PRMA is a necessary element to ensure the proper upkeep of private roads in Wisconsin. Property owners must work together to establish an agreement that outlines their responsibilities for maintenance, and the allocation of costs. Having a PRMA in place ensures that private roads remain accessible, safe, and cost-effective for all property owners. Hence, it is crucial to have a PRMA in place to ensure the proper maintenance of private roads in Wisconsin.