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The Arab world is changing, how will the US oligarchy handle it?

Democratic movements are trying to change the power structure and the shape of government in the Arab world. Will the US do the right thing and support these movements for change or, instead, will the US continue to back the … Continue reading

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Michael Steele and Ted Williams

What do these two recent media stars have in common, here in January of 2011? Can you spell “boring”? The good news is that both will very soon disappear from the public mind share never to return. However, we are … Continue reading

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How to remember how to spell therefore vs therefor

If you’re like me, you forget if therefore has the letter e at the end. Yes, it does. But the word therefor without the e also exists. Therefor is an ancient word that simply means “for” or “for that purpose”. … Continue reading

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Society ignores the mentally ill. Everyone suffers.

As the shooting of Gabriell Giffords in Tuscon shows, a mentally disturbed person who is left to fall between the cracks can end up going totally insane and in some cases harm other people. Futhermore, the afflicted person also suffers … Continue reading

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