Why does KPFK give air time to Gary Null?

I have tired of turning on KFPK radio (90.7 FM, Los Angeles) at night only to hear the self-aggrandizing voice of Gary Null being emitted into the vacuum of the Los Angeles radio air.

At first one tends to like what Null is saying, since he is critical of the pharmaceutical industry and promotes exercise and a good diet. Those are easy targets. But then, very soon, his rants become intolerable.

Null represents the cult of the individual self-promotion of self. The self-referring radio “star”. I think that Null is a disgrace to the left, rivaled by the 911 falsers. When Null is asked a question he seems to not care about the person who asked it or have any interest in dialog. He goes on and on and on ad nauseum listening to his vitriol that often drifts to topics having nothing to do with the question asked telling people what important unique work he claims to have done. Worse, much of what he says has the feel of a snake oil salesman. (See the references at the end of this post.)

That KPFK puts Null on the air so often is testimony to the fact that the left has as many sheep amongst its ranks as the right. So Null is not going to go away. There are myriad people who want to hear his claims.

All I can do is change the channel.

In the mornings, on KPFK, there is world class reporting and news and commentary from Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Sonali Kohatkar, Margaret Prescod, Lila Garrett, and Richard Wolff. But late at night, I turn off KPFK and search, mostly in vane, for good radio. What ever happened to good radio? I end up listening to KFI so that, at least, be entertained by Phil Hendri or George Noori, where lunacy is expected and funny.

This is, of course, just my opinion. But after once again turing on my radio to KPFK last night and hearing Null’s boring voice yet again, I had to vent. And I’m not the only one who has so vented…

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15 thoughts on “Why does KPFK give air time to Gary Null?”

  1. I stumbled onto this posting nearly a year after its appearance. I can assure you the Null Effect continues on nighttime KPFK. Worse, he’s a star of the now-nearly-constant KPFK fund drives, so one can turn on the radio most any time of day and hear him droning on.

  2. I could not have said it better my self. He really needs to at least state a discaimer before he gives out advice. I wonder how many people has he injured or killed with his products? People are desperate for cures for there illness. And often stop taking there medications and get vitamins like crazy. And he is NEVER WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING. HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT AND HAS NEVER MADE A MISTAKE EVER! ITS OK FOR HIM TO SPEAK OVER SOME ONE FOR AN HOUR AND BEHAVE IN A RUDE MANNAR WHEN HIS FOLLOWERS SPEAK TO HIM. HELL GARY…..DEAD AIR….GARY>>….IM HERE…( BASTARD ) – WHEN ROY OF HOLLY WOOD SAID SOME ONE DIED THAT WAS COSE TO HIM , GARY HAD NOTHING TO SAY. HE DID NOT EVEN SAY HE WAS SORRY TO HERE THAT. HE JUST WENT ON. I GET A HEAD ACHE FROM HIM. AND SOME OF HIS PRODUCTS ARE NOT GOOD FOR HIGH BLOOD SUGAR AND OTHER THINGS.

    1. I been listening to Gary Null for a while. The only think I would disagree with your statement is that many Americans are used to pills. He does mention a clean plant based diet. He does mention eating 14 cups of fruit and vegetables a day.
      What Gary fails to mention consuming that many vegetables a day you would get most (95%) of your nutrients so the supplements would not be required. And he does down play that aspect.
      But he and his staff point out that the average person or his listeners don’t get the 14 cups of vegetables and fruit and nuts and seeds and juice a day. His staff does point out that if you listen to his show for a while if you just write down one goal as far as fort is concerned. You would be at the idea.
      It would be unfair to just say he is cashing in on people that have no common sense. I think most people do not think before they eat. So he does speak over people, is absolute in his statements . He has cured people of Cancer (don’t know specific type, some are easy cured then others) and AIDS virus.
      So to his credit it’s unfair to attack Gary null for some petty complaints.
      If you or someone wants to debate me email me at ;

  3. Right on brother! I was just getting ready to write KPFK about this sleazy snakeoil salesman. Before I read up on him I was very dubious about his many claims. While extolling the virtues of his recipe book he basically said that his diet would cure as many maladies as a classic snake oil salesman. His so called PHD is from a distance learning school that has been investigated for not having a rigerous enough doctoral program. Today, in one of his seemingly ever present pitches he claimed to have helped counsel some of the richest and most important people in the world in a particularilly obnoxious example of self promotion. He does not have any background in counseling. This man’s glib self promotion is deeply suspect. Meanwhile a credulous female shill goes through qall the usual promoting for this guy. Clearly this man is trying to hook KPFK listeners in to buy his very expensive health products.
    Check out his home page, while his books are fairly reasonable his products are incredibly exspensive. If you purchased on of each of his basic products such as Green Stuff you would have abill of close to $500 .This guy and the other clown they had ptiching Capitalism Propulsion make KPFK look really bad. I dread the pledge season on KPFK because of these guys.

  4. Thank you Dennis Allard. I agree. After hearing today that Null was no longer being heard on KPFK, I stumbled on this post. I now notice I have not missed Null. I liked him at first and found some of his dietary suggestions worth investigating and his political and social ideas inviting. Even attended some of his events. But over time I became skeptical. His self-centered, insulting and intolerant demeanor eventually became unbearable to me.

  5. glad i’m not the only one! gary null is a complete nut, and christine blsodale (the station’s current ‘senior producer’ who has her own agenda) is apparently hell-bent on destroying what was once a great radio station. i hope they get rid of HER, because then we won’t have to ever hear from null again. it’s a shame. and yes, since blosdale took that position, it seems as though kpfk is in CONSTANT fundraising mode.

    1. Please read the critiques of Gary null [sic] on the Web. We seem to be plagued by a religious-like element among the followers of KPFK — the “truthers” conspiracy nuts, the JFK conspiracy nuts, the Chem Trail idiots who have zero understanding of physics, and the obsequious fawning flock behind Gary Null. He does have some good values and if his emphasis on being healthy and eating right helps some people that is good (he is far from unique in that area – just rent some old Jack LaLanne videos). Personally I find Null’s over bearing self-aggrandizing demeanor and often ridiculous claims about nutrition, aging and aids to be unlistenable so I choose to turn the channel.

  6. Mr. Allard:

    I could not agree with you more about Gary Null, and about the other decline in KPFK’s nighttime programming.

    The morning program is very good. I even like Amy Goodman, although the “Old Angry White Guy” part of my “personality” wants to call her an “Annoying Commie.”

    (Oddly, I don’t have the same reaction to Richard Wolff, even though he actually is a Commie. Sonali Kohatkar is great, and Ian Masters is a genius.)

    One caveat about the nighttime programming, however: “Rhapsody In Black,” with Bill Gardner, 8-10 p.m. on Fridays, is about as good as it gets if you like “black music” (his term, not mine). It’s both the music itself, Gardner’s song selection, and the way he weaves it all together.

    Gardner’s the “Anti-Null Of Soul Music.” In my opinion, anyway.


  7. Been a support of K P F K for eons…I like Gary Null at first. Now I turn him off instantly. He thinks he is God…he knows everything. Rude and Opinionated!!
    I prefer Thom Hartman.

  8. I recall when I first started listening to this guy Gary Null and his show back in the fall of 2007. At first hearing, I thought his show in the beginning gave some good info on health issues. Than I notice once the 2008 presidential campaign season started to really take off, that’s when he took his show into another direction. In other words, Gary started to become too political, radical, conspiracy nutcase for my taste and I had to turn him off.

    Glad Gary Null is gone (I think the man was loosing his damn mind), now KPFK really needs to clean house, get rid of those other two nutcases/fools and that is Christine Blsodale and Micheal Slate! Can’t stand or tolerate neither one of them! I don’t agree with everything this President has done, but Christine & Micheal’s constant OVER EXAGGERATING, bashing of President Obama is really pathetic and I find them both despicable.

  9. Your post came up when I googled “ANOTHER KPFK pledge drive???” Argh. Honestly, I think they need to break off and have another station. All the “health” and “spiritual” stuff should be its own channel somewhere. I don’t know how the “truthers” will fit in, but they need to go too. I’m so embarrassed to turn on KPFK and hear that stuff.

  10. GN is 2nd to none for free everyting info but disagree on missiles into DC and bombs taking down WTC 1 & 2. a real good journalist would of interviewed the Arlington fire department that would of seen a plane or no plane in the Pentagon. there is a few google images of plane though.

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