7. Is my brother cured of mental illness?

Chapter 7 in a series on mental illness.

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It has been over five years since I penned the previous chapter in this chronicle. My brother was incarcerated in the California correctional system for most of that time. He was released this past June of 2015 after being convicted on crimes of felony vandalism and criminal threats. He did those acts while off his meds, fully delusional, and in a state of what his friends and I refer to as insanity. Much of that story is recounted in early chapters (see the links above). After five long years, the last of which was spent on parole at Atascadero State Hospital, Tony is finally a free man once again. As Tony puts it, he has spent eleven of the past thirteen years of his life incarcerated in various institutions. That is a story that only he can tell. In time, he will tell it. I know he will and I look forward to hearing the whole story.

For now, I will just say that my brother is doing well, under the circumstances. He is staying on meds, he has housing, and we enjoy spending time together again.

Is my brother cured of his mental illness? My answer to that is no, I don’t think so. I believe that the reason he is rational now is due to him staying on his medications. If he were to go off his meds, as he has done in the past, I think he would “decompensate” as he puts it, and fall back into a pattern of irrationality that I have tried to describe in early chapters of this saga.

I will let Tony tell his own story going forward if he so chooses. Tony asked me to remove the original interview we did from YouTube because it contained some personal information he preferred to not be in the public eye as well as some inaccuracies. Tony once told me that he did not want to make a career out of my his mental illness. Still, he is a good writer. I hope he will write about his experiences in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is a fascinating story. And I hope he will allow our original interview, perhaps edited a bit, to be public again and do a follow-up interview.

Until such time as Tony writes about his own life or collaborates with me, this brief note will be the last chapter in the story I’ve had to tell.

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4 thoughts on “7. Is my brother cured of mental illness?”

  1. I am a schitzophrenic. So they tell me. Some might of said this already but a monthly injection of Paliperidone is the same thing as taking daily resperidone. It helps people who are too unfocused to remember taking their meds. I think abandonment causes schizophrenia. Then when people notice something is mentally wrong with you it leads them to abandon you even more. It is an inescapable cycle of rejection. And you just want people to think highly of you.

  2. My son is going through a bad situation now we have court tomorrow, for 2 felony strangulation charges and 1 felony of assault I placed a TDO for my 19 year old son to go to Chesapeake general hospital for psychosis schizophrenia which has a critical care unit for mentally ill and he was sent to eastern state and afterwards va beach psychiatric hospital after he was released we found out about the charges that say he assaulted a police officer and a security card it s almost like a set up you call them for help ur family member not in their right mind police either kill ur family member or press charges against a person who would never act this way if their weren t suffering from mental illness just wanna know what do we do why does society seem to treat mental illness as a crime I feel like we need a better choice than dealing with police officers for help with mentally ill

  3. I want to reply to my brother Dennis’s 7th post on this error filled blog. I’m Tony, who “decompensates” when I go off my “meds”. Today is December 22, 2023, and I am in yet another supermax psychiatric lock down situation, this time in Centre “Hospitalier” Jean Titeca in Bruxelles, Belgique. Decompensate is “Their” word; Them being the Jews who invented the Jewish, Christian, and Moslem Religions, the printing press, Psychiatry: (Freud, Adler, Butt Fuck Skinner, and the Association ‘for’ the Mentally Ill (AMI)), the Russian “Revolution”, and RCA Victor Corp. and it’s decendant television networks in the USA, (CBS, NBC, and ABC); etc., etc., etc.. “Decompensation” is actually a healthy behavioral reponse to getting off Their mind bending “Atypical Antipsychotic” poisons.

    In an earlier chapter in this well intentioned but truely misinforming blog, Dennis makes the absurd claim that most of my friends think I’m crazy. Of my 100 or so friends from my youth, (through 21 (yoa), MOST OF THEM ARE SO MISGUIDED IN THEIR UNDERSTANDING OF CULTURE THAT THEY BUY INTO THE CHEWISH MYTHOS SURROUNDING SO CALLED mENTAL iLLNESS. The FACTs IS THAT IN THE PAST 44 YEARS I HAVE MADE LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF NONCHEWISH & ANTIMASONIC BFsFL!

  4. In response to my brother Tony’s above comment, I normally do not approve comments that contain antisemitic statements. In this case I am making an exception since I think Tony’s comment speaks for itself and any reader will be able to see that Tony has some entrenched psychotic views. As for the term ‘decompensate’, Tony seems to dislike it and states that it is “their” term (the Jews). Obviously incorrect and demented, but it is a thought and belief entrenched now in Tony’s thoughts and belief structure (even when he is taking his meds). To clarify, ‘decompensate’ is a term Tony first told me about (even if he does not like it and, as he hints, it was a term introduced by psychiatrists). And, quite simply, ‘decompensate’ refers to what happens to Tony and people with his condition when they revert to psychotic thinking after ceasing to take antipsychotic medication.

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