I’m Dennis Allard.

I put together the Ocean Park Column as a place to express ideas on diverse topics about the society in which we all live. Initially, I started writing here to chronicle the plight of my brother who had been diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Beyond that, I and a few others write short articles here from time to time to express our views about society on subjects from politics to technology, sometimes via sarcasm, sometimes straight commentary, and sometimes just to share fun stuff.

NOTE: I have removed the postings I made about my brother at his request. I’m sorry they are no longer available at this time.

This site is taking its time to grow up and take shape. If you would like to post an article here or help evolve this web site in general, please contact me via email. My email address is allard@oceanpark.com. My home page is Ocean Park Technology

Dennis Allard
Editor of the Ocean Park Column