The Battle of Zawiya

Very brave people in Libya are fighting in Zawiya to free themselves from the corrupt dictator Ghadahfi and his cronies. The battle is raging as I write.

The people fighting for democracy may not win. They may lose. But things have changed. The zeitgeist is now imbued with the ideal of democracy. It’s just an ideal, without an organized leadership or ideology. Partly that’s good because, among other things, it is not a fundamentalist religious movement. It is an uprising by millions of people who have reached a tipping point. They see the world on the Internet, they see the conditions in their own country. They want change now. It’s not perfect and never will be but it is good change.

If this battle is lost, the war will continue. This change is inevitable, however long it takes.

Saudi Arabia, you’re in line.

Does the power structure in the United States want this? After having supported so many dictatorships in the world for so many decades? Well, it’s time for some change here too.

The working people of the United States, including “illegal” people, are also witnessing the events. Labor, what should be a revered and cherished aspect of our society, can savor this change being lead by the Arab world and other places like Bolivia, whose president is a Llama herder.

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2 Responses to The Battle of Zawiya

  1. Mike Zagone says:

    The intervention in Libya is just another economic power grab by the United States and its client states in Europe. Why are we not intervening in Yemen, Bahrain, Syria?
    Read this article by Prof Michel Chossudovsky

  2. I agree, as I have expressed in no uncertain terms in my following post: The Arab Arrival Exposes Contradictions of US and Europe.

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