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The saga of my brother who is afflicted with Paranoid Schizophrenia. Eventually I would like to provide a resource page where people can share their ideas for how to improve what is a very broken system in the United States for dealing with Mental Health issues.

8. My brother still believes he was victimized by mind control

Chapter 8 in a series on mental illness. This post includes recent updates and will be updated from time to time since my brother’s recent relapse. [latest update] [bottom] [ch.1] [ch.2] [ch.3] [ch.4] [ch.5] [ch.6] [ch.7][ch.8] After my brother was … Continue reading

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Am I Really Mentally Ill?

I am going to write an account of my own interpretation of my personal history which will perhaps not prove as a “fact” that I am not really Mentally Ill, but I will at least communicate a what I perceived happened in a number of historical events and get down my own interpretations which I prefer do not die with me. In the overall scheme of things, I don’t think my own “suffering”, which although it has been fairly extensive, has had any kind of lasting traumatic effects on me as to the way I think or act now. If anything, my punishment has “cured” my so-called Mental Illness. As I’ve repeatedly denied, I don’t buy into the “Mental Illness” conception of me, but I do now have 2 “Strikes” in California and I cannot afford to be convicted of any further Felony Criminal Offenses without spending the rest of my life in Prison as a 3 Strike Loser. Continue reading

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7. Is my brother cured of mental illness?

Chapter 7 in a series on mental illness. [bottom] [ch.1] [ch.2] [ch.3] [ch.4] [ch.5] [ch.6] [ch.7] [ch.8] It has been over five years since I penned the previous chapter in this chronicle. My brother was incarcerated in the California correctional … Continue reading

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Society ignores the mentally ill. Everyone suffers.

As the shooting of Gabriell Giffords in Tuscon shows, a mentally disturbed person who is left to fall between the cracks can end up going totally insane and in some cases harm other people. Futhermore, the afflicted person also suffers … Continue reading

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6. Competent to Stand Trial?

The process of obtaining a conservatorship for my brother has been canceled, according to William Ortega of the office of the California State Public Guardian.
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5. Mentally ill brother thrown back on the street

Six days ago my brother was released early from LA County jail where he had been incarcerated since violating my restraining order last fall. He is now homeless again
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4. Back through the revolving door

It is starting all over again. It’s like a bad dream. It is defeating. I attended my brother’s court hearing today and want to comment on how I feel. How the system is broken.
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3. Not guilty, so now what?

The system is brutal. The courts and the laws support the view that mentally ill people should be free to suffer from their illness and not receive treatment. The entire trial of my brother was a piece of theater with the judge, lawyers, witnesses, and jury all playing their part in a farcical charade. The system failed.
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2. My mentally ill brother is scheduled for trial

Today, in court, Tony was deemed competent to stand trial. So, even though he was delusional when he took a woman’s purse, threw it to the ground and walked off without out taking anything or harming anyone, next Tuesday, August 23, 2009, he goes on trial on a charge of felony robbery. He faces a sentence of up to 17 years in prison
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1. My brother has a mental illness so is in jail

This is my first column. I will dedicate this column to my brother Tony who was first diagnosed with a mental illness in 1986. The saga of his life and how it has affected those close to him is a story I will tell.
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