What happened to "We Can"?

i’m not going to join a boycott wholefoods, just yet anyway

i did write about it here

but i’ve been perusing the blogosphere to see if an uprising is taking place

one isn’t. this is just another fad, a misdirection of well-intentioned energy

[wait a second, there are now unions urging the boycott – ed. Aug27, 2009]

Some who-knows-whos set up a facebook page and sign up 20,000+ fans for a boycott

what does that say? who are these people? why did i sign?

i realized something this morning.

i realized that the party who was elected on a slogan of “We Can” cannot.

if all we have in our society and culture is an anarchy of bloggers talking to each other with no organization on a large scale – i’m talking about unions or the democratic party – entities that have mind share and not just some ad hoc committee that springs up on the spur of the moment – we will not make progress

anarchy is wonderful when it works.

has it ever worked? name a time.

the fact is, the democratic party is letting us down – they are wimps – they should be leading us toward single payer system and they are not

that says something about the democratic party, it says something about our culture, and it says something about us

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