The Socialists Have Taken Over America!

There are those who have warned that the socialists have taken over America but, unfortunately, that message has not been accepted by the vast majority of Americans. Even more alarming is the degree to which even fellow Republicans have supported a socialist agenda.

One has to go back into our history to see where all the socialism began. But most agree it became rampant during the reign of FDR beginning in the 1930s. During the socialist era of FDR, state sponsored programs sought to provide jobs and security to many Americans who otherwise could not find work during the Great Depression. This was the real beginning of the welfare state.

Unknown to most Americans, the socialists and communists seized control and FDR and his administration turned America into a feeding trough for these unpatriotic citizens. Jobs programs such as the WPA and CCC were created to build infrastructure such as dams and many other public works as well as our National Parks System.

Socialists, hiding under the mantle of liberal philosophies and with the sad help of some misguided Republicans, have expanded the socialist state to include a federal bureaucracy that is so huge as to include such gargantuan entities as the Pentagon, the Treasury, the State Department, the Social Security Trust Fund, the Veterans Administration, Medicare and Medical and many other bureaucracies that steal money from the citizens of our great county.

Why, I ask, are these entities not run by private corporations which can do the job much more efficiently? Corporate scandals are the exception to the rule. As everyone knows, corporations run by rich folks are the only way to prevent so much thievery as there is little motivation for avariciousness when one is rich (the recent multitude of scandals being the exception to this rule).

Socialism has gotten so bad that farmers are subsidized and even paid not to grow crops. The list is long and includes dairy farmers, tobacco and wheat growers, and almost every agricultural product seen in today’s supermarkets. In fact, socialism has infiltrated the mindset of nearly every legislator in the country. This socialist mentality is a disease which is destroying the very fabric of our society.

Would you believe that even oil companies and many other industries are subsidized by the government? Yes, it is true although the government hides this fact since it contradicts the pretense that we are a capitalist country.

Even more depressing is another more subtle form of socialism which I can only call familial socialism. It is the practice of families helping each other out. This is a blight that has been with us since the dawn of time and yet, like original sin, is something that we must be saved from.

Many parents help their kids even into adulthood, providing them with money for college and other socialist ventures which may include extended vacations. Indeed, many of our most honored so-called capitalistic, conservative families have accepted this practice as if it were the most natural thing in the world. So much so that they often provide perpetual security for their kids, offering them jobs for which very little actual work is done.

Worse, many of our most affluent families allow their children to inherit their wealth and businesses without even requiring them to work at all. Such blatant socialism has become a silent disease with victims too numerous to even begin mentioning.

Much to my honor, I refuse to help my kids financially, so that they can know the true meaning of unadulterated capitalism and not become infected with the expectation of help in any way, manner, shape or form. At the age of ten, my kids are taught to fend for themselves. Some make it and some don’t.

It’s something Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone would be proud of. And it’s a challenge each and every American should and must inevitably face lest we become like the Social-Democracies in western Europe where workers get six week vacations and have access to universal health care, just two of the many features of socialist countries where the government actually takes care of its citizens.

If we’re not careful, we could all end up depending on the government to help us with our lives in times of trouble instead of being absolutely responsible for every single aspect of our lives. We must adhere to our forefathers values of rugged individualism and total self-reliance, even if it means half of us become homeless and indigent in the process. At least we will have remained true to our values.