Dear President Obama

Wednesday Nov 8, 2012

Dear President Obama:

You have have been elected to serve four more years.

Now you may use your influence and power to make some changes.

Please stop the insane “War on Drugs” that has failed for decades and only serves to prop up the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels who have murdered thousands upon thousands of people. Decriminalize drugs, require that people who purchase hard drugs receive counciling paid for by the ensuing tax revenue. Treat the drug problem not as a crime but as the social and medical problem that it sometimes is. Casual use of marijunana isn’t even a problem. Rather, attempts to thwart the importation of marijuna are an enormous waste of police and prison resources and a lost source of tax revenue.

Please remove all US troops and private military contractors from both Iraq and Afghanistan. Imagine how the trillions of dollars spent there could have been used to do road repair and build transit systems and levies and just, say, paint homes and apartment buildings in our own cities. Why not change our priorities and start spending that kind of money here at home?

Make the small adjustments to the social security fund needed to assure that it is solvent for the rest of the century.

Bring back the Public Option to the health care system.

Respectfully yours,

Dennis Allard
Santa Monica, California

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