Crazy Homeless Woman in Venice Beach

Sunday November 24, 2019 at 2AM, by Kristi McHugh

No, I didn’t make it to the show tonight. Don’t know if I can even talk about this right now but I think it’s time sensitive.

I was walking down my street tonight – 6pm – when I was attacked/assaulted/pounced on by a homeless woman. It was nothing you prepare for. I was doubled over, in shock and it really f@&$ing hurt! Ears ringing…. no balance … what?!?
I walked into the store it happen in front of and was holding my head and side and said – “Someone needs to call someone – please” luckily my neighbor Dana was there and stepped up. She grabbed me – took photos – called 911…. – was an incredible friend ❤️ (always on it and took action – although she did mention she regretted not having her lipgloss on when the firefighter/paramedics arrived) –

Cut to a Saturday night of filling out a report which the officials THANKED me for. They said this particular transient had punched a girl and broke her nose two days ago, defacated in Rose cafe’s dining room(enjoy your Cinnabun), grabbed a wine bottle and threw it at a manager, and was throwing rocks at the window and cars on Rose Ave. No person filed a report or pressed charges. No one had the time to wait for LAPD. The chic who had her nose broken just wanted to go back to France and not fight it. (Go figure – French… to give up?? Shocking.). So thank you to her… and to the 3 other people who were attacked – the woman was still on the loose and I was the next lucky recipient of crazy.
I file the report and the officer reads a bunch of stuff I don’t get but understood the gist …. and I asked – “so after you take crazytown in, she will be right back out here tomorrow??”
– “yes, most likely”


So….. if you are anywhere in the Venice, Santa Monica area…., 5’11 African American woman, late 20’s, short black hair with an incredibly strong right hook. 💪🏻 . Beware. She was dressed in a grey slinky ball gown – which was weird because the award show isn’t until tomorrow night.

She will be back. She is sick. It is sad that our system is so F’d up. She needs psychiatric care. This is someone’s daughter. And there’s millions of these stories out there – I’m sure. I don’t know the answer but things are getting progressively and aggressively worse.
Be safe out there. And wear a helmet.

Kristi McHugh